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AGV Sustainability and ESG Services is a specialist consulting firm that provides a range of services that enhance the sustainability performance of businesses. Our services range from preparing sustainability and carbon footprint reports as well as Integrated Reports, formulating sustainability strategies, developing Sustainability Roadmaps, Internal Sustainability Guidelines & Stakeholder Engagement Plans and providing sustainability assurance services/audits.

We also have a team of in-house trainers who are able to conduct capacity building sessions and workshops on sustainability-related topics to members of the Board in public listed companies as well as to senior management and operational level personnel.

We prepare sustainability reports in accordance with G4 guidelines and GRI Standards as recommended by the Malaysian Stock Exchange (BURSA), Singapore Stock Exchange(SGX) and other major ASEAN stock exchanges. The sustainability strategies formulated and initiatives developed for public-listed corporations are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of FTSE4GOOD Sustainability Indexes and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

Click here to view Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Guide (2nd-Edition)

Our clients include top tier PLCs in the BURSA EMAS index to listed SME/SMIs,
listed GLCs, MNCs and JV projects in oil&gas, petrochemical and other sensitive

Our sustainability consultants are trained and certified in GRI reporting including
GRI4 and GRI Standards. We have to date prepared more than 30 sustainability
reports based on GRI’s G4 Guidelines and the United Nations’ Sustainable
Development Goals (17 UNSDGs) in compliance with the requirements of Bursa
Malaysia Berhad. We also develop sustainability reports to meet sector-specific GRI
guidelines, and the RSPO requirements for the palm oil sector specifically.

Our methodical approach in developing sustainability reports is transparent involving
key personnel in the organisation throughout the process from the very beginning.
This helps develop internal capabilities of our clients in sustainability reporting. We
employ numerical analytical tools in the materiality assessment and data review
stages, and assist our clients in the data collection task of sustainability reporting.

Sustainability ESG services


AGV is associated with the following bodies:

We are a member of the GRI Gold Community which gives us access to resources that through which our clients and their personnel can gain deeper insight into sustainability reporting.

AGV is a member of advisory board of GCMY, the national chapter of the United Nations Global Compact based in New York, USA.
Global Compact Malaysia (GCMY)

AGV is associated with TSC in providing sustainability assessment and validation for reports in Malaysia and Indonesia.
TriSakti Sustainability Centre(TSC), TriSakti University, Jakarta

AGV is a member of the UNGC is responsible for disseminating and creating awareness on the operationalisation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.
United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

AGV is a member of the RSPO and is able to assist palm oil plantation companies in developing their sustainability reports to also meet RSPO requirements.
Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

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